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Monday, August 11, 2008



So many inspirational stories and events!

I wanted to share what I feel is the greatest story of the Olympics this year so far.

The USA Mens 4x100m swim relay team has been badgered by the FRANCE team at all previous competitions. Then France had to go and say that they would "smash" the USA in the race. It was the fuel for the fire as the last leg of the race Jason Lezak (who even the announcers were trashing) came from behind to win by .08 of a second. AMAZING! They beat the last World Record by 5 seconds with a finish time of 3:08.24.


Great things are accomplished with team work and relentless desire!


notice the announcers...what chumps!


Maia said...

We watch the Olympics religiously. I was watching with my mom and sister and all three of us started screaming at midnight because we were so dang excited!!! The announcers kept saying "we" would be lucky to take the bronze! HAH! I think the look on the Frenchman's face who made those comments to the press said it all!!!

Megan said... make me laugh!!! I watched that also and it was an amazing finish. I have to agree, the announcer's in pretty much every event are driving me nuts, or as you put it..."chumps" :)

Megan said...

Hi Tam this is Michael, not Megan. You make me laugh. I watched that event the other night and it was an amazing finish. The announcer's in every event are driving my nuts with the way they respond to everything. I like the way you put it....."chumps" :)

The Hull's said...

Love watching swimming, makes me really want to swim with you guys in the mornings. After the 5k is over I plan on doing just that, as long as you and Holley are still doing it.

Go team USA!!!

Mary Kelly said...

We can't get enough of the Olympics. My only complaint is that all the best events are on so late at night. Our favorites have been swimming, women's gymnastics and men's beach volleyball! Go USA!