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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who's in?

So, after 3 babies and 4 pregnancies, it is time to shed this accumulated baby weight. I never thought I would be doing this, but I have started training for a 5k. I know I can run at least 1.5 miles, so only half more to go. Holly Hull told me about the Disneyland 5k family fun run in August. That sounded far enough away for me to learn to love running in 3 months. So I am in week 2 of my training program. If you want to join me in a quest for pre-baby bodies check out the training program by Hal Higdon.

Here is the info on the Disneyland 5K.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Angels Games

Jeff is going to LOVE this post! It is full of pictures from our recent visits to the Big A in Anaheim. We found some outstanding tickets on club level that usually cost $65/seat. Jeff was watching these tickets on eBay that expired an hour before the game without anyone bidding on them. He sent the seller a message after the auction to ask if they would be reposting the tickets at a lower cost. They said make an offer and the rest is history. We got them for $10/seat. It was a day game and was really enjoyable as we had a wonderful view of the game, super comfortable seats and lived in the shade the whole time. We even got a job lead for Jeff from two guys sitting behind us. One other moment that Jeff is particularly proud of is that he captured the moment of Torii Hunter blasting the 200th Home Run of his career. Enjoy the pictures! Go Halos!

Doctor's Visits

Yesterday was Zoe's 2month check-up and Norah's 3yr visit.

Remind me not to schedule my appointments for the last of the day...I get to enjoy the effects of everyone else's tardiness. The girls did surprisingly well even with the 2 hour long wait and appointment.
So, here are the stats...

Norah is now 28lbs and 37" tall. She didn't need to get any shots, YEA!!!
Dr. Clark is so great with kids and sure made Norah feel special and like a big girl. Since she got home yesterday she has being acting out all the doctorish things she experienced. She has measured all of us to see if we are any "bigger" (taller), and had taken our blood pressure. She listened to my "music" (my heart beating, my lungs etc.) Maybe I have a budding doctor on my hands.

Zoe is 24 1/4" long and 13.9lbs. She is in the 95th percentile for both height and weight and 75th percentile for head circumference. She did have to get 3 shots and 1 oral dose. I was pretty nervous for so much stuff to be put in her. Good thing she weighs so much, it will help off set these vaccines. They have added a new one (Rotavirus) since I had Norah. So much talk of vaccines in the news has created a new awareness and worry in me.

I came across this talk from Elder Boyd K. Packer. It has good advice in protecting ourselves and our children from the physical, moral and spiritual disease around us.

Also this:

“Immunizations—a Reminder,” Ensign, July 1985, 70

Not too long ago small children were the victims of childhood diseases, the very names of which struck fear into the hearts of parents. Polio, whooping cough, diphtheria, and others maimed or killed thousands of children.

Today, with the use of immunizations, these diseases are becoming more and more uncommon. In fact, they are so uncommon that many parents have become lax about immunizing their children. Some feel that there is no need; others fear adverse side effects. But parents have an obligation to protect their families through immunization.

In 1978 the First Presidency issued a statement in support of immunization programs and urged parents to participate. The statement read in part: “Immunization is such a simple, yet vital, matter and such a small price to pay for protection against … destroying diseases.

“Failure to act could subject untold thousands to preventable lifelong physical or mental impairment, including paralysis, blindness, deafness, heart damage, and mental retardation.

“We urge members of the Church … to protect their own children through immunization. Then they may wish to join other public-spirited citizens in efforts to eradicate ignorance and apathy that have caused the disturbingly low levels of childhood immunization.” (Reported in Ensign, July 1978, p. 79.)

The accompanying immunization schedule can help you ensure that your child is adequately immunized. In following this schedule, it is important that you keep a record of the type of immunization, the date given, and the doctor or clinic that gave the immunization.

Age & Type of Immunization

2 months - First DTP—diptheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough); First polio
4 months - Second DTP; Second polio
6 months - Third DTP
15 months - MMR—measles, mumps, rubella
18 months and older - Fourth DTP; Third polio
4 to 6 years - Fifth DTP; Fourth polio

TP booster—tetanus, diphtheria. Thereafter every ten years, or following a dirty wound if a booster has not been given in the preceding five years.

(Information taken from “Your New Baby” (PXRS0329), a pamphlet published by the Relief Society. The pamphlet can be ordered for 10¢ from Church distribution centers.)

This is somewhat outdated, as many additional shots have been added.
I saw a comment that advises given your child Vitamin C before their shots to help protect them from unwanted effects. How do you do that for a 2month old?? Also another comment in response to the first.

As mothers, we are guided by our intuition for what is best for each of our children. This is my third child and only now am I really trying to educate myself on these things.

Didn't mean to make this a preachy post, but if you have any comments, please share! For a current US immunization schedule click here

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Temple Trip

I want to praise my Husband here for a minute.

Last Tuesday he asked if I wanted to go to the Temple, and I said "YES!"
So, he watched the girls while I enjoyed the Temple for a brief hour. Nursing always makes Temple attendance a bit of a challenge. Zoe did well, expect that Mom forgot to pack wipes (???) so Dad had to change a poopy diaper somehow without them.

Eliza and Norah loved walking around the temple grounds. Eliza wanted to know when she would get to go in the Temple. It was a perfect experience because she was giving the Scripture on Sunday in Primary which was all about the temple. D&C 124:40 Let this house be built unto my name, that I may reveal mine ordinances there in unto my people.

Norah was really sad to leave the grounds.

I know the feeling.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

AHHH...I've been tagged!

So my cousin's wife, Megan, tagged me. Now I have to find 7 quirky or interesting facts about me. Too bad I can only think of 2. I have to be more interesting than that. Here goes my attempt.

I am the third oldest of 11 children. 5 Girls and 6 Boys. Current ages are 32 down to 14. Since my family is such a big part of who I am today I'll put them at #1.
Here we are back in 2003...FYI I was 8 months prego with Eliza in this pic.

And their names from oldest to youngest are...Allison, David, ME, Christine, Jennifer, Deborah, Jonathan, Samuel, Benjamin, William & Joseph.

Jeff and I were married on FRIDAY the 13th! 9/13/02 to be exact. It has definitely been one of my Luckiest days! The funny thing is that my parents were also married on Friday the 13th, but in June (BTW Mom & Dad - Happy Anniversary)

I love to create things! Anything that requires creative brain power is way fun for me. i.e. sewing, scrapbooks, building, sprinklers, writing, solving problems... etc.

I don't like doing dishes!

I served my mission in San Bernardino, CA - Spanish speaking. NOW I LIVE HERE!!!

Jeff was my first kiss and the only man I have ever kissed.

I want to be a PUBLISHED author of children's books. I have written some drafts and have ideas for others. I will have to post one and get all of your feedback!

Hope that helps you all get to know the Deep Secrets of my life.
Thanks for tagging me Megan!
I now tag Heidi, Janae, Brit & Amber!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

My Sister, the Songwriter

I just wanted to share with you a song my sister Allison recently wrote.

I find the tune catchy and the lyrics clever.

Check it out here.

everybody’s tellin’ me what to do
just be you they say just be you
everybody’s tryin’ to crack the case
start to finish in the glamor race

oh yeah

tell me why I gotta look so good
tell me why I gotta sigh just right
tell me why I gotta fake this bake
i just won’t

tell me why I gotta curl my hair
tell me why I gotta stick this lip
tell me why I gotta line this eye
i just won’t

everybody’s tellin me what to do
everybody’s givin’ me advice
everbody’s telling me to be nice, be nice
i don’t gotta a lot of things to say
I just gotta do what I feel each day
hey, hey, hey

so tell me why I gotta hear this ad
tell me why I gotta not feel bad
tell me why i gotta get you glad
i just won’t

tell me why I gotta join your cause
tell me why I gotta smile at Oz
tell me why I gotta grease your paws
i just won’t

bring on the glam, lights on the stand,
c’mon girlfriend

the camera is on
you know you can’t be wrong

step to the right, turn to the left,

cuz your shining
your shining
you shining till the makeup’s gone

everybody’s tellin’ me what to do
just be you they say just be you
everybody’s tryin’ to crack the case
start to finish in the glamor race

oh yeah

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Song of the Week - STUFF

I am going to try something new. Post songs on a widget from to share with you all.

This week the song is STUFF, by Diamond Rio. I remember my brother, David, introduced me to this song and it has stuck with me since then. It has special meaning as right now I am going through all the TOYS and trying to clean out a room for Zoe to move into, eventually. I know I have too much STUFF, if I could just always remember that Simple IS really better...

Enjoy the song!

The PLAY button will only play a 30 sec quip, so if you want to hear the whole song, click on the 2 small squares to the right of and it will take you to their site and play the ENTIRE song.

Stuff - Diamond Rio

Blessing Day

Blessing days are always special!

With each additional child, getting to church on time becomes a bit more challenging, especially balancing feeding times with other kids needing help too.  But we made it on time today!  Thank goodness Grandpa & Grandma Bartmess were here to help! During the blessing Jeff said Zoe was a bit wiggly, but I didn't hear a peep from our seats.  It was great to have some friends stand in the circle with Jeff and Dale - Jeff Allbee, Kevin Lauderman and Paul Duncan, Brother Hardy & Bishop Nol. 

Jeff thought it would be neat to share pictures from the blessing day of each child so far.  Each girl has worn the same dress.  I was told of a tradition that you embroider the names of each child blessed in the dress on to the dress.  I might consider that, especially if we continue having only girls!

Zoe Olivia Bartmess - Blessed June 1, 2008
5 weeks 4 days old

Norah Katherine Bartmess - Blessed July 3, 2005
5 weeks 6 days old

Eliza Rae Bartmess - Blessed September 7, 2003
3 weeks 4 days old