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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Festivities 2008

The morning began with a phone call from Paul Duncan wondering where Jeff was for the Turkey Bowl. He seemed to have fun playing and getting dirty, while I Slaved away in the kitchen. ;)

I decided to go the "easy" route this year and bought one of the Jenny O oven ready turkeys. You would think that they are fool proof, but, I found a way to fool them! I didn't realize which side had the "pop up timer" and so it went in breast down and I didn't find out that I put it in wrong until right before meal time. So another bit in the oven and I think it worked out great. It at least looked pretty! But next year I am going to do a turkey breast only or maybe a ham. Besides, my stomach doesn't take in as much as it did when I was a kid and my kids just don't eat enough!

It was a pretty low key day with the Kids providing some fun entertainment. Like Norah taking Zoe for a ride in the baby stroller.

I Couldn't wait for Black Friday to start (j/k - I didn't go out Friday morning, because Jeff had to work - His first BF @ Target!!) so I went to Michael's Thursday around 4pm to wait in line for the new Cricut Create and guess who was the first person there? Yup, ME! I totally was expecting a loooong line. I got my Cricut Create for 50% off and also some cartridges for something like 60% off. So we played with that this weekend to make some paper dolls. The girls and I have lots of fun with all that it can do with the push of a button!

We had some Thanksgiving Dessert with the Tatum family from Church. It was a great day with SOOO much to be thankful for. We are overflowing with blessings!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Family Pictures!

In the whole 6 years of our marriage, we have never had FAMILY pictures. The girls have had professional pictures taken and me and the girls have done some shots, but never with Dad. So we finally got them done at one of our favorite places, the Picture People.

They did a great job with the girls and we got some great shots of them. I am personally very critical of my own photogenics, but everyone else in my family looked FAB! Next time I just need a reminder to lift the chin and stretch the neck a bit more. The girls' photos are beautiful, and my husband is very handsome if I do say so. So I am caught up until the next child comes along. At least with the family pictures!

The ZAZZLE watermark is from copying the picture from our online account, so just ignore that.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Zoe's Hangout

Recently Zoe found a place to "hang" and occupy herself for a good while. Thank goodness for Blocks, so simple and durable! Definitely worth the $$$$!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween Close Ups

This year I decided to make our family costumes. It was a lot of fun! I have never done it before and found a fun pattern for .99cents and fabric was 60% off. So, here are the results. It was a lot of fun to do a family theme. I love my husband for his willingness to "play" along. He is such a wonderful Father. Making everything that much more exciting for all of us.

Click to play Halloween 2008
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Trunk o' Treat

Fall is one of the our favorite times of year! Not just because of the beautiful colors and cooler weather, but so many great memories!

It all started Oct 31st 2001. I had been home from my mission about 2 months and dressed up as a farm girl to attend my family's Trunk o' Treat. All of a sudden a man named Todd Bartmess comes up to me while we are walking around the parking lot cars. I recognized him from running into him at the same dentist office twice, he was also in the High Council meeting that I reported on my mission. So, he says, "Tamarah, I want to introduce you to my younger single brother." I start laughing, but follow him over and am introduced to Jeff Bartmess. Yeah, it was sorta awkward and I didn't really have much to say to him. But during the following week he had got his niece, Melissa, to get him my number and called me to ask me out on a date.

Our first date was Nov. 9, 2001. We went out for Mexican food, did some indoor go kart racing and then some real life bumper cars, where a young kid ran a red light and totaled Jeff's nice red Taurus with great Rims. Enrique Iglesias and Shrek are winners from that date. (inside joke)

Our second date was a little over 2 weeks later on Nov. 24 since Jeff had to head out of town for Thanksgiving. We went bowling and hit Portland's paush 23rd street for a little "Papa Haydn's"

Then the true turning point, date #3. Dec. 1 - The Civil War - Oregon State (Beavers) Football vs. University of Oregon (Ducks). Maybe that is why I have always loved learning about civil war history, because it would be related to my own life changing experience. hmmm...
We drove 2 hours down to Autzen Stadium in Eugene, good talking time though I remember sleeping too. We went to the game in the cold and rainy weather. Jeff didn't wear gloves, so I grabbed his hands to warm them up for him and never let go. We attended his parents business Christmas Party and then had a long drive home that ended in a surprise kiss from Jeff to me.

The next day was the First Pres. Christmas Devotional and I asked him to come with me. That night was the first time I kissed Jeff.

And that is only the beginning.

So, you can see how the Holidays have so many great memories for us and why Halloween is just that much more special. Here are some pics of the family over the last 6 years.

Halloween 2002
Ragady Ann and Andy
Sorry no pic.

Halloween 2003
Oregon State Football Player and our little Cheerleader

Halloween 2004
Cowboys and our little horsey.

Halloween 2005
Pumpkin, Cinderella, Ragady Ann, Dolphins Fan

Halloween 2006
Superman, Cowgirl and Indian, Stephanie from Lazy Town

Halloween 2007
Jasmine, Snow White, Superman

Halloween 2008
PIRATES! Arrrrgh!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ZOE is 6 months!

Our Q-T is 6 months old tomorrow! It amazes me how fast she is growing and learning! Here are some of her cute pics we have taken recently.

At her 6 mo. check up she weighed 18lbs in the 90th percentile, and measured 28in long over the 100th percentile. Her head was in the 75th percentile. She had already popped her 2 bottom teeth around 5 months old. At this rate she will be walking by maybe Thanksgiving!!!

She has just figured out the coordination of crawling.


Preparing for Halloween

I think it is about everyday now that Eliza asks me if we are going Trick or Treating that night. So, here are some pictures of things we have been doing this month in preparation for All Hallows Eve and in Celebration of the Season changing, though it is still 90 degrees here!!!

We went to Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch, maybe for the last time, since Target is going to be building there. Who knows, maybe Jeff will eventually manage that store. Hopefully they are still there for Christmas, since that is our tree farm spot too.

Also in Preparation for Halloween, we pulled out the costumes. The girls have had some fun...

Here is ZOE at 6 months and Norah at 5 months in the same costume.



Those cheeks are MY halloween treat! Soooo CUTE you want to eat 'em up!

I don't think Zoe is wanting to be a pumpkin for Halloween.

I didn't know my halo was showing!

A bit too big now.