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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Trunk o' Treat

Fall is one of the our favorite times of year! Not just because of the beautiful colors and cooler weather, but so many great memories!

It all started Oct 31st 2001. I had been home from my mission about 2 months and dressed up as a farm girl to attend my family's Trunk o' Treat. All of a sudden a man named Todd Bartmess comes up to me while we are walking around the parking lot cars. I recognized him from running into him at the same dentist office twice, he was also in the High Council meeting that I reported on my mission. So, he says, "Tamarah, I want to introduce you to my younger single brother." I start laughing, but follow him over and am introduced to Jeff Bartmess. Yeah, it was sorta awkward and I didn't really have much to say to him. But during the following week he had got his niece, Melissa, to get him my number and called me to ask me out on a date.

Our first date was Nov. 9, 2001. We went out for Mexican food, did some indoor go kart racing and then some real life bumper cars, where a young kid ran a red light and totaled Jeff's nice red Taurus with great Rims. Enrique Iglesias and Shrek are winners from that date. (inside joke)

Our second date was a little over 2 weeks later on Nov. 24 since Jeff had to head out of town for Thanksgiving. We went bowling and hit Portland's paush 23rd street for a little "Papa Haydn's"

Then the true turning point, date #3. Dec. 1 - The Civil War - Oregon State (Beavers) Football vs. University of Oregon (Ducks). Maybe that is why I have always loved learning about civil war history, because it would be related to my own life changing experience. hmmm...
We drove 2 hours down to Autzen Stadium in Eugene, good talking time though I remember sleeping too. We went to the game in the cold and rainy weather. Jeff didn't wear gloves, so I grabbed his hands to warm them up for him and never let go. We attended his parents business Christmas Party and then had a long drive home that ended in a surprise kiss from Jeff to me.

The next day was the First Pres. Christmas Devotional and I asked him to come with me. That night was the first time I kissed Jeff.

And that is only the beginning.

So, you can see how the Holidays have so many great memories for us and why Halloween is just that much more special. Here are some pics of the family over the last 6 years.

Halloween 2002
Ragady Ann and Andy
Sorry no pic.

Halloween 2003
Oregon State Football Player and our little Cheerleader

Halloween 2004
Cowboys and our little horsey.

Halloween 2005
Pumpkin, Cinderella, Ragady Ann, Dolphins Fan

Halloween 2006
Superman, Cowgirl and Indian, Stephanie from Lazy Town

Halloween 2007
Jasmine, Snow White, Superman

Halloween 2008
PIRATES! Arrrrgh!

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Edith said...

Tamarah, what a cute family of pirates, good job on the costumes!