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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween Close Ups

This year I decided to make our family costumes. It was a lot of fun! I have never done it before and found a fun pattern for .99cents and fabric was 60% off. So, here are the results. It was a lot of fun to do a family theme. I love my husband for his willingness to "play" along. He is such a wonderful Father. Making everything that much more exciting for all of us.

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Holley said...

cute costumes, good job Tamarah! and cute book :)

The Hull's said...

I've ever seen pictures put in a little book like this on a blog, it's so cute! You did such a great job with the costumes. You guys all looked great!

Nat said...

Hello Tamarah!
You guys have such a darling family! What a fine bunch of pirates you make! How are you? I followed the link on Heather's blog. I'm glad that I've finally joined the blogging world so that I could find you; I think I have an old email address. It's so fun to catch up on your fam.
Love ya,