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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Preparing for Halloween

I think it is about everyday now that Eliza asks me if we are going Trick or Treating that night. So, here are some pictures of things we have been doing this month in preparation for All Hallows Eve and in Celebration of the Season changing, though it is still 90 degrees here!!!

We went to Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch, maybe for the last time, since Target is going to be building there. Who knows, maybe Jeff will eventually manage that store. Hopefully they are still there for Christmas, since that is our tree farm spot too.

Also in Preparation for Halloween, we pulled out the costumes. The girls have had some fun...

Here is ZOE at 6 months and Norah at 5 months in the same costume.



Those cheeks are MY halloween treat! Soooo CUTE you want to eat 'em up!

I don't think Zoe is wanting to be a pumpkin for Halloween.

I didn't know my halo was showing!

A bit too big now.


Amber Ostler said...

Tam, I love all the cute pictures. I need to be getting ready for Halloween too! Your girls are getting so big. I really do want to get together over Thanksgiving. . . lets talk soon!

Mary Kelly said...

Those cheeks really are the sweetest thing! I love the angel costume too- how appropriate!