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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference Weekend Fun!

The Weekend began with a fun and quick trip to wasn't too busy and we had a relaxing couple of hours. That is one great thing about having SoCal Passes and not living far from Anaheim, our Disneyland trips can be short and convenient. It was really fun to see Disneyland Decorated for Halloween!

Friday night, Norah was a bit bored, so she found some scissors and went to work on her dolls hair and her own.

SO, a salon visit was in order. She did exceptionally well. She might have planned the whole thing, just to go to a salon I guess. Eliza thought it was time to get her hair cut as well, but wouldn't let anyone but Mom cut it. So, here is the before and after.

So this weekend FORTS became the BIG thing around our house! I remember those days too!

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Mary Kelly said...

Forts- that is one of my favorite childhood memories! How fun that your girls are old enough to play together.