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Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall Has Come

Though I am still waiting for the weather to act like it is Autumn, I am excited to welcome such a fun time of year. It makes me feel like slowing down and being at peace even though this season leads into such a busy holiday time of year.

I am always looking for new things to do as a family that are close by and FREE! So, while up late one night I came across Huell Howser's PBS program highlighting Oak Glen, CA. It is only 30 or so minutes away and it looked like a way fun family adventure.

Saturday we packed a lunch and headed up to Los Rios Rancho. A Beautiful and quiet place amidst the Apple Orchards in Oak Glen. They have a group of apple farmers that have quite the following. We had our lunch and played around a bit, hiked the nature trails and bought some fresh apple cider. For me, it was very relaxing. I love creating these kinds of memories for my children and hope to make this one a yearly tradition. They have some Tree Farms up that way as well. We might have to go there to get our tree this year too.


I SEE you

Can't hold back the excitement!

Zoe is climbing trees,


and crawling (for reals). She just popped her bottom 2 teeth at 5 months!

The Girls tried some tree climbing, Eliza didn't like it.

Norah did a little better.

Then we did our little hikes and the camera DIED!

Eliza did a great job taking this photo!

We saw a catfish about 3 feet long and some great Trees! It reminded me of my home, the Northwest. The smells, the cool air, it was all making me a tad homesick.
Fun times if you want to check it out, they are open until Thanksgiving and hiking available only on weekends. See for more information.


amy said...

Tam! I love all the great pictures you took of your family. It is so fun to put faces with names and all your girls are so beautiful. It is great to hear about all your wonderful adventures!


Edith said...

Oh it is pretty up there in Oak glen I love being up in the mountains somewhat. I need to go get some apples there...

If you have never been up to Lake Arrowhead you should make a trip there. There is a nice little village with lots of shops and some outlet stores right on the lake, and a park to play at. all beautiful and free unless you shop. Then I think there is some kids museum, I haven't been to it but I saw some signs for it in the village.

Edith said...

oh, I was also going to say, I see that Hugh Howser some nights too, he has some interesting stories :)

the danielson's said...

What a great family activity! I can't wait to try it out. Your pictures are even relaxing to look at. So much I want to do, so little time!

The Hull's said...

I love oak glen!! What a fun family day. Love all the cute pictures!!

Amber Ostler said...

I love all the pictures. Your girls are getting so big! :) I am coming down to LA for Thanksgiving and I think that if you guys are going to be around we should all get together if not for Thanksgiving then at least for something! I called your mom to get your number. . . I am not sure if I have your right number anymore or not! How far are you guys from Jim and Megan anyway?