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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Disneyland 5K

SO, I did it! I have trained my mind in the last 12 weeks to allow my body to run 3.1 miles and I did it all in 34.14 min. To you all that might not seem like very fast, but my theme has been that slow and steady finishes the race.

Our Gold Plastic Medal

Thanks to Jill, Holly and Haley for going through with it! We amazed ourselves and are looking forward to maybe having this be a yearly tradition. Even though the 1/2 marathoners got cooler t-shirts, we will be back for ours next year! Who's in for the next 5k???? or maybe even a Sprint at Perris Lake next spring?

I can't yet say that I LOVE running/jogging, but it is a great feeling to do something that for all my life seemed so impossible to me in my mind.

Thanks to my Honey especially, for watching the girls every day I ran and never doubting me. Your running skills have rubbed off on me, at least a tiny bit.

Even Eliza and Norah participated in their own 200m and 100m dash. They even got 2 Medals each! We had a great time at the hotel the night before and learned that Eliza is a great swimmer. She was swimming by herself and doing double somersaults in the water with no pause for air. What a fish!


Amber Ostler said...

I want to be the first to congratulate you! It only takes one 5k and you are hooked. . . next it will be a 10k then a half-marathon, then a full marathon then a century run :) You are motivating to me. I just got off the phone with Jen and she said that you guys had a great time together this past week!
Love you lots!

Mary Kelly said...

That is SO great that you were able to participate and finish- what a huge accomplishment. I am not a runner either so a 5K seems impossible but maybe one day...
Your girls looks as darling as ever. I hope we get to see your family soon. We sure do miss you guys!

Jill Duncan said...

We did it- yeah!!!!

The Hull's said...

Yeah!! We accomplished our goal! I am totally itching to do another one. I have been searching the internet and have come up with a few possibilities...I will keep you posted!

craigandlissa said...

Tamarah you are all such studs!!! I am so proud of you guys , way to go!

Jen said...

You inspire me!

Edith said...

what a great thing to share together with your family. The girls look so happy, and good for you!