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Monday, February 16, 2009

Maybe I should update this....

So, It feels like forever since I have posted anything and I just went to my Posts and saw 2 that have just been sitting there waiting to be made public. I guess Facebook can really take over the world! That has become my way of connecting lately.

Not a very busy month for us here. February is nice that way I think. I am down to one calling at church which is wonderful! I want to be able to spend less time managing and more time enjoying my husband and children while at church. I will say though that being choir director has been fun and I have learned some great things and re-kindled my love of good music. Now, just to the responsibilities of the Stake RS Presidency. We have Sherri Dew and Wendy Watson Nelson coming to speak to us at the end of this month! WAY exciting.

I have officially become a SimplyFun Consultant. I will be sending out a MASS email here soon with more about it. But I am excited to represent a company that is all about FUN, FAMILY, and Building MEMORIES. Go check out the products at

Melissa our niece came for a nice visit this weekend, but we did a tag team sicky flu/fever bug thing almost the whole time. LAME, but we still had some fun times. WE LOVE YOU MELISSA!

Jeff got a new Nikon D90 for his Valentines/Birthday/St. Patricks Day/Engagement Anniversary/July 4th/Labor Day/Presidents Day/My Birthday/Christmas Gift. He played around with it last night and finally began to realize how cool of a gift it really is! He is great at taking photos, so it will be fun to post some of them here.

We are on the countdown to Spring excited to go VACATE!

That is a quick update, hopefully I do better about posting.

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Angela said...

I have loved reading over your blog. You are amazing! I didn't know that you were in the Stake RS Presidency...doesn't surprise me at all! I am sure you are awesome!!!